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UPIM POP: the new city shopping mall


Straightforward and accessible: this is the new ‘pop’ side of the UPIM POP concept store. The first four shops will open in Milan and Rome in September. A tribute to Andy Warhol

Venice, August 2010 – Gruppo Coin continues to experiment. After overhauling the OVS Industry and Coin stores the major Italian clothing group shares its own peculiar Pop interpretation of the shopping experience.

Just a few months after acquiring the Upim chain, Gruppo Coin today presents the new concept of this historical brand.
Upim Pop has been created to innovate and overcome the traditional store concept. Spaces are designed so as to ensure people will experience them and not just glance at them or browse through them.
Upim will continue to hold on to its mission and will still focus on a “popular” target, reinterpreted nevertheless in a more contemporary mood. The mall is conceived as part of the urban space, a meeting point, a place that is accessible, fresh and fun, where you can find useful everyday items or even just get together. UPIM will be 100% POP.

The new concept store turns into a non-virtual research engine, a city-centre emporium that makes available in a single location “the things that everyone wants”. Not just clothing, home accessories and toiletry but also books, electronics, eyewear, sportswear and food, all carefully selected worldwide to express the qualities of leadership, competence and recognisability.
The historical brand Croff has also been revamped: dedicated to a modern, young and informal home it now provides a broad range of products from table linen to kitchen items, furnishing and other home accessories. All available at an accessible price.

The leit motiv of the new Upim Pop stores will be “oversize”. Inspired by pop artists such as Claes Oldenburg -  an American artist who creates everyday objects on a surprisingly urban scale – the packaging, for example, that usually holds and protects its contents becomes a chest or a showcase.
The design of the new stores gives vent to the pop language of our days as found on the web, with its symbols and its icons. The ceiling will be redesigned to represent a maxi screen with icons to guide customers through the different store departments, as though they were browsing the net.

Four Upim Pop stores will host the launch of the new concept in September: on the 15th the Milan stores in via B. Aires and Piazzale Corvetto and on the 17th in Rome, Piazza S. Maria Maggiore and Via Tusculana .

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